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For Home & Planet

By beginning a textiles company directly connected to my food system, I started on a path that led to a deep understanding of the relationship between textiles and farming. This work led to the founding of the PA Flax Project with Emma De Long of Kneehigh farm in 2020. Our work to reestablish the flax to linen industry in Pennsylvania will now become my full time focus. Please follow along and support our efforts at

I am grateful beyond measure for all the joys and challenges of building Kitchen Garden Textiles.

I extend my deepest appreciation to my loyal customers

In 11 years of business, countless people have joined me in my mission to reduce the use of single use and plastic disposables.

I am deeply grateful to every single one of you for supporting this small business and for making the changes in your houses for our shared home - Earth.


"Kitchen - Garden"

A space to grow plants for everyday use in the home.

Flax = Linen

Flax for linen was once a significant part of family farms.

Our name is rooted in our desire to re-center textile production on regenerative farms.

Every purchase you make supports making Pennsylvania grown linen a reality.

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