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5 Tips For Setting a Sustainable Holiday Table

In Eating Your Values: How to celebrate a Sustainable Holiday, Allie Wist for FoodFutureCo wrote:

“Having a sustainable holiday is not about making sacrifices, so much as putting into practice the habits we can get excited about, and actively contributing to the larger food movement. “

We agree! Also, consider how the non-food items you bring to the table can actively contribute to your local ethical, sustainable economy.

Our top 5 tips for setting a sustainable table:

  • Reach out to your local farmers to reserve the must haves in advance, and when you order that Thanksgiving Turkey, consider reserving one for Christmas too. Don’t know where to begin? Head to the local farmers market!
  • Weren’t able to find everything at the farmers market? Fill in the gaps at a nearby grocery who stocks local first, like Kimberton Whole Foods here in the east or Market of Choice out west or a local co-op wherever you are.
  • For the perfect eco-friendly centerpiece consider potted herbs, or a few sprigs of local evergreen. For an easy addition of color use loose cranberries or a few small red peppers strategically placed.
  • Every winter table scape needs candles. Look for bees wax or soy candles, they burn cleaner, smell better and aren’t made from petroleum. Head to your favorite local mercantile to find your candles locally handmade.
  • Cloth napkins are essential and they aren’t all created equal. Always look for natural fibers, linen and hemp are the most eco-friendly fibers, are more absorbent than cotton and have anti-bacterial qualities. We offer two styles of easy to clean linen napkins for dinner and would be honored to be at your table.

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