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Dry Your Herbs in 3 Easy Steps

1 - Soak fresh herbs in water to clean them thoroughly & air dry
2 - Place them in a linen bag 
3 - Hang them in a well ventilated place

Autumn is a great time to harvest your herbs and preserve their fragrance and flavors for the months ahead. If you don’t have your own kitchen herb garden, grab some bundles of fresh herbs at your local farmers market or food coop. Drying herbs is an easy way to save them for future use. Our linen produce bags work great for this! I used to dry my herbs by tying them in bundles and hanging them, but sometimes they would mold before they dried, or I’d leave them hanging too long and they’d get dusty. Recently I decided to dry them in one of my produce bags. Our linen produce bags prevent mold and dust. Plus, a little bit of friction on the bag separates the leaves from the stem easily when you're ready to cook or put your herbs away for later use. Our bags work best with herbs that have small leaves, like thyme, chamomile, and oregano, but they're multifunctional for all types of other herbs for cooking and teas too!

I still love the traditional method of hanging  bundles of lavender or rosemary for the look and fragrance in my kitchen. For other herbs I want to save for later, I now hang them to dry in a linen bag and don’t waste a leaf.

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