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How to set a sustainable table everyday

One thing I find healing is creating beautiful, sustainable tables for my everyday meals. We’ve drifted dangerously far away from a sustainable lifestyle in the modern world. There’s no magic wand that will make it suddenly reappear. It’s a process and a practice and the daily ritual of setting our tables can be a powerful place to begin.

Relationships are crucial. Our relationships to our environment and the material objects we surround ourselves with are what make or break our effort towards sustainability.

Key elements I include on my daily table are local seasonal food (organic when possible), plates, cups and bowls made close to home, KGT linen napkins of course, and if you indulge, a local beer, wine or spirits. I add a nice beeswax candle and a centerpiece of potted herbs because it last such a long time. If you choose these items for your table, like me, you’ll find yourself knowing the people that grew your food, made you plates, sewed your napkins and poured your candles and it will surely bring you joy.


5 tips for special occasions and holidays:

  • Reach out to your local farmers to reserve the must haves in advance, and when you order that Thanksgiving Turkey, consider reserving one for Christmas too. Don’t know where to begin? Head to the local farmers market!
  • Weren’t able to find everything at the farmers market? Fill in the gaps at a nearby grocery who stocks local first, like Kimberton Whole Foods here in the east or Market of Choice out west or a local co-op wherever you are.
  • For the perfect eco-friendly winter holiday centerpiece consider a few sprigs of local evergreen. For an easy addition of color use loose cranberries or a few small red peppers strategically placed.
  • Every winter table scape needs candles. Look for bees wax candles, they burn cleaner, smell better and aren’t made from petroleum. Head to your favorite local mercantile to find your candles locally handmade.
  • Dress it up with a tablecloth and remember they aren’t all created equal. Always look for natural fibers, linen and hemp are the most eco-friendly fibers and they're both elegant and durable. We offer easy to clean, woven in PA linen/hemp blend tablecloths and would be honored to be at your table.

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