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How to support local food producers if the farmers markets are closed


Strengthening the local food supply chain has always been part of my mission here at the kitchen garden series. Local growers inspired me to begin this business and I continue to connect to their work through my business.

This is a critical time for local food producers and farmers who sell at open markets. The temporary closures and limitations put on markets due to COVID19 social distancing come at a particularly difficult time in the growing season. Through winter, many producers use their reserves from the end of last summer season to prepare for future markets. With markets now closing, those producers and farmers are left scrambling to figure out how to sell product and refill their depleted reserves.

How can you help?

  • Shop with your producers that have created online ordering systems and are making their products available either for delivery or for pick-up in local communities.
  • Check with producers if they are planning to create CSA-type (community supported agriculture) signups or ask them to add you as a CSA member.
  • Ask producers who make shelf stable items (jams, cookies, dry goods, pickles, tea, coffee, etc) if they will ship directly to your house.
  • Check the website of your farmers markets' sponsors and follow your favorite producers.
  • Check social media for news on how to purchase from them.
  • Share social media posts, photos, and videos with your friends and followers to expand their reach.
  • Share blog posts they write.
  • Like, comment, and use their hashtags!

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