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It's a marathon! Tips to stay the pace.

It's a marathon!

This pandemic has turned out to be a marathon instead of the sprint we were all hoping for! Like many of you, the thrill of all this extra time at home is fading for me and we're all looking for positive ways to make the old homestead feel a little bit new again or maybe just looking for some distractions.

Kick plastic out of your kitchen

Maybe you've noticed how much more plastic waste is in your kitchen as you spend more time social distancing at home. Our essential kitchen collection will keep you moving towards a plastic-free kitchen even in these difficult times. With the great combination of our three best selling kitchen textiles, you can leave the plastic bags behind, keep your produce fresh longer, never run out of coffee filters again, and ditch the paper towels!

Discover the secret powers of linen

If you start going down the plastic waste rabbit hole, you might notice that polyester is just another plastic derivative. Linen is a great all natural plant-based fabric and a better alternative to polyester based fabrics. Did you know that linen has antibacterial properties? It's one of my favorite textiles. Our linen produce bags will keep your veggies and fruit fresher longer. Even bread stored in linen stays fresh longer and will resist mold. Linen is also 20% more absorbent than cotton, making the messes at home easier to clean up. Learn more about why we use linen here.


Support local small businesses

I have also been thinking more about the importance of supporting local, small businesses like my own as I spend time closer to home. Just like me, many small businesses pivoted quickly online and shifted gears away from in-person interaction. Things you can easily do from home to support the local economy and keep the community resilient: shop directly online with makers, order for curbside pickup or home delivery, direct message your favorite boutiques and ask if they will ship your favorite products (usually, they will!), or buy gift certificates for later dates. 

Here are some of my favorite things from my favorite businesses:

  • Good books from Uncle Bobbies Coffee & Books
  • Best undies ever from Danu Organics
  • Potion cups from Clarissa Eck
  • Cotton towels from Cuttalossa
  • New rain boots from Harvey Oak Mercantile (technically not in my house ... but oh so good!)

beautiful • sustainable • practical 

With the changing seasons upon us and our minds on long term security, it’s a good time to make some small home refreshes while still keeping an eye towards sustainability. As you spend more time in your kitchens and home spaces, take more time with your favorite objects and consider long-term ways you can shift your spending from big corporations to the local economy.

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