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Linen’s Place in Healing the Earth

We like to encourage people to consider the earth everyday. To become more aware of our constant connection to and interaction with our planet. Everything in our world comes from and returns to the earth in one way or another. Our actions can be part of making this cycle regenerative or destructive.

So much of the work here at kitchen garden textiles is about how to make our contribution regenerative. Honestly, this path began with simply trying not to be destructive - not an easy task given the current state of the textile industry which is rife with human rights violations and environmental hazards. We began by using reclaimed materials, always natural fibers and eventually found our way to linen.

From plant to fabric linen has a place in healing the Earth. Linen is flax. A 100 day crop that fits nicely into rotation on diversified farms, requires few inputs and little to no irrigation. Flax for linen even draws out toxins, including lead, improving overall soil health. This beautiful plant, with its delicate blue flowers, yields the fiber that is processed and spun into yarn then woven into cloth that becomes what you see in our products, beautiful natural plant based fabric! 

Since it's made from a plant, there are no micro-plastics to worry about washing into our waterways. Linen is durable and long lasting. Once it's finally spent it can return to the earth through compost and continue to be part of a regenerative cycle of healing working landscapes.

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