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My bright spots under quarantine

Driving Less

By this point in your state lockdown, you may be missing social outings like going out to dinner, or to the movies, or, well, anywhere at all. The upside of less cars on the road means improved air quality and less traffic, so your daily walk, run, or bike ride (wearing your mask, please) probably feels a lot quieter and less stressful. I plan car trips more efficiently now by reducing stops to collect supplies in one loop. I am starting to feel I can keep this habit of driving once a week and enjoy the positive environmental impacts, forever!

Knowing the Essentials

We've been forced to examine our needs carefully under new rules of socially isolating. As a consequence of sheltering in place, I've had a great opportunity to notice what's essential to my well being. I can choose what's vital to my mental health and I can use the skills I've gained to re-examine my choices from time to time. I am still looking forward to indulging in many things as soon as it's safe again. I'm also going to let go of some of the things that aren't essential to for good.

Nature's Song

Lots of people are wondering if the birds are singing louder this spring. I see more people quietly spending time outside. Everything seems more peaceful with less plane and automobile traffic, so we can hear more clearly. Birdsong is magical, especially in the waking spring. Let's go forward a little more quietly from now on so we can hear our friends sing.

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