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Stay Connected to Your Local Food System This Winter



As I finish my last shift for this season as a working share holder at my Community Supported Agriculture farm, my thoughts turn to how I'll eat local all winter. Connecting to our local food systems has many benefits; recently harvested vegetables have higher nutritional value, we support our local economy and reduce our food miles. Like so many things, it seems easier when the days are long and the weather is good, but eating local is important year round. Here are three easy ways to stay connected this winter.


1 - Join a winter CSA

Many growers offer winter shares in their farms. This is a great way to keep your local farms strong year round.


2 - Shop the Winter Farmers Markets

Farmers work hard to bring their food to winter markets and they will be happy to see you there!


3 - Shop at Grocery Stores that Buy Local

Regional grocery chains like Mom's Organics or your local Co-Operative grocery store buy local year round. Always look to buy local products first including produce, dairy, meats and prepared foods.


How do you stay connected to your local food systems? Please share in the comment below and help keep the local slow food movement strong.

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