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Climate Justice & Social Justice are Inextricable.

As environmentalists we must be aware of how environmental issues affect people across the world and across social identity spectrums if we want long lasting, solid change.

Like the natural world, any human society is both a single ecosystem and a part of the larger ecosystem that is our planet. Ecological balance leads to a thriving system that supports us and ensures that no particular member is exploited or overused or driven to non-existence. Sustainability is achieved when there is balance in all the ecosystems making up the environment.

Inequities in power destroy the balance of a system. Balance cannot be achieved through exploitation, colonialism, and white supremacy. Poverty, racism and social injustice are intertwined with environmental degradation, climate change, and planetary destruction. Egregious environmental crises often go unremedied because they occur in impoverished communities. We can take action by recognizing that climate justice and social justice are inextricable.

At KGS, I’m committed to building a business culture of interdependence and support. I build business to business relationships with a diverse group of business owners. I maintain direct relationships with my producers and I continue to pledge 10% of my profit donations as unrestricted funds to diverse and inclusive groups. I also reinvest profit in my geographical area by shopping at conscientious markets and retail shops and ensure that my manufacturing process adheres to fair labor practices. I feel that it is our responsibility in society to care for one another in this way so that we can collectively care for our planet and I support others doing the same. As I say on my website, the latin origins of the word collaborate mean "to labor together" and through collaboration we deepen our impact and lighten our burdens. My hope is that the kitchen garden series can be a collaborative business space working towards a more equal, peaceful, and green Philadelphia.


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