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The Balancing Dance

The Vernal Equinox is upon us. One of two times in the year when the length of night and day come into balance, offering a moment of symmetry and peace.

All the plants and birds and insects are moving through this moment of balance with such optimism and I’m called to join them. They’re begging me to shake off my winter blues, to stop doubting, to emerge and bloom. To move optimistically into the less balanced but equally exuberant days to come. Who am I to argue? 

This moment of equal night and day may only last a few hours, but finding balance goes on forever. In my first career as a dancer, I learned that balance is about motion, it’s a million beautiful moments of falling and recovering. The courage to fall is rewarded with the soaring feeling that comes when we recover. The balance is the work of moving through all the in between moments. The good work of balancing is the important work of our time.

Enjoy the symmetry of this day. Take the time to notice the equal light and dark. Set your intentions for the coming season. Look for ways to support and join those who are doing the dance of balancing our world. Fall fearlessly towards what you know will benefit all and rejoice when the recovery comes. Embrace the endless dance of balancing. 

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What beautiful thoughts you have put into words. thanks for sharing your wonderful gift

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