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The Gift of Giving

Gift giving has long been a way to connect us to one another, allowing us to express our feelings through tokens of affection and helping strengthen relationships. Sending a beautiful thoughtfully chosen or carefully crafted physical object to a friend or loved one is a lovely way to bring worlds a little closer. My favorite gifts are part of my daily rituals like a mug that brings memories of a dear friend into my morning coffee routine, a woolen scarf that keeps me warm on a frosty winter morning, or a beautiful vase I fill with celebratory flowers. I love to include food in my rituals, too! I relish giving and receiving holiday gifts that taste good and help me feel a personal connection to the maker. Some of my favorite food gifts are simple things like fragrant local honey, bread from my favorite bakery, or canned goods from the local farm.

In the spirit of the giving season, share some joy in giving gifts from the heart that will be used in your loved ones’ daily kitchen culinary rituals. Try pairing some of our lovely textiles with a local food item to make a gift extra delicious! Make a gift a bit more personal and use our linens as an elegant alternative to wrapping paper. Wrap up some flavored vinegars from the market in our tea towels or fill a produce bag with homemade treats from a local candy shoppe. Combine some of our cocktail napkins with some artisanal infused spirits or give your favorite baker one of our aprons! You can even shop one of our holiday gift bundles for an all inclusive combo of beautiful linens highlighting good food and homemade kitchen delights. 

Whether you buy napkins from us or decide you need to support us in other ways this year, we want to let you know that we appreciate all that you do. We know gift giving is not just about the material goods. We built our business on the belief that being kind and generous to our fellow beings is a force for social good. We understand that this time of year can be difficult for many and it might be hard to feel generous. When you refer your friends to us or share our blog posts or share posts on social media not only are you supporting our small business, know that you are also giving back to a larger community. Your interest and referrals help us create opportunities for others. Your investment in our work helps us collaborate with other local makers and expand our revitalization of a local textile industry through our flax project. Your purchases mean that we can continue our annual support to urban farms in our city by donating 10% of our annual profits to local growers. Thank you for helping us grow a reciprocal relationship to our local community through the ancient art of giving. 

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