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Winter Solstice Dreaming

Legend has it that on the night of the winter solstice Rhiannon the Celtic Mare goddess rides through the dreams of the people, helping to make their dreams come true. Here at kitchen garden textiles we are full of hope that Rhiannon will be galloping through to help us realize ours, we could greatly benefit from her magical assistance. As the winter solstice approaches, with its invitation to reflect on the passing year and set intentions, we are reminded that it’s always darkest just before the dawn. Although it’s dark here in our little company, we can see the coming light and remain full of hope.

We’ve laid the groundwork for growth by staying true to our commitments to use natural fibers produced with respect for the earth, hire locally, value the people we work with and support urban agriculture. 2021 saw a big change in how we support urban agriculture. For years we gave a percentage of our profits to our farming friends, but in 2020 we had zero profit, leaving us zero to give by that system. This year and going forward, our giving model is to give $4.75 from each reusable produce bag we sell. So, here at the end of a second year without profit, we are grateful to still be able to give.

It’s been a year of doubling down on making it easier for all of you to have plastic free kitchens. Offering a full product line, tips to help you along the way in our emails and our brand new low-waste kitchen workbook. We’ve also expanded our efforts to help restaurants and caterers live plastic free! How? By replacing their polyester table top rentals with 100% natural linens. Our plans for 2022 include dressing tables in organic linen under the sky, in the fields that produce the dinner shared. This vision also moves us closer to growing our very own flax for linen here in Pennsylvania and developing an ever stronger business community based on renewal. The groundwork is laid and on this winter solstice, the promise of this dream coming true in early Spring spurs us on. 

Thank you for following along, supporting us and being part of this community focused on renewal. Happy Winter Solstice, may your winter be peaceful and may Rhiannon ride through your dreams and help them come true!

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