Pa. Flax Project

Our collaboration with Emma de Long at Kneehigh farm to re-establish a U.S. based flax for linen supply has grown into a sister organization!

Bringing flax back to Pennsylvania. Farming, linen production, phytoremediation, education and community engagement.

Choosing natural, locally grown fibers is an important choice for the environment; such fibers can be an integral part of regenerative farming systems, help build carbon stocks on working landscapes, and improve regional environmental health.

The Pa. Flax Project aims to revitalize the flax for linen industry in our region to benefit both rural and urban communities. Visit our website to learn more and to support our efforts.

Thank you – my community of customers, textile artisans, activists, and farmers for being so eager to support these efforts in textile development. We couldn’t do it without you and the others we’ve connected with across the country pursuing similar work.

Flax Cultivated for Linen

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