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The pandemic changed my business forever

The pandemic changed my business forever

The pandemic changed my business forever. I’m enriched by all the knowledge I’ve gained from the challenges of this long 14 months. This has been a period of finding new things I can do as the Kitchen Garden Series to survive. I leaned into what still worked and...

A second pandemic Mother’s Day

A second pandemic Mother’s Day

As an American business woman, I’m constantly aware of the inequities faced by my gender in the American business world. The pandemic year has been particularly hard on women in business. The losses falling disproportionately on working mothers and hardest on those...

renewing and reweaving

renewing and reweaving

As the world around us unravels in ways most of us never imagined, I’m encouraged by the space being created for those who have been working to build alternatives to the destructive path we’ve been on for so long. In my business community, there is a great sense of...

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Coffee dates with Jess

Listen in as Heidi speaks with Jessica Castillo about the importance of adopting sustainable practices in your everyday life, the story of starting kitchen garden textiles (originally called the kitchen garden series) and about passion and perseverance.

Heritage Radio Network with Hannah Fordin

In this live episode from the Good Food Mercantil in Brooklyn NY July 2019, Heidi and Hannah Fordin talk about the connection between good food and fine linen, marketing sustainable products and all there is to love about linen!

PHL 17 Weekend Philler

Get a peak at Heidi’s studio in this 2019 Weekend Philler highlight where she talks about striving to make it easy for you to do something good for the environment and why she supports urban agriculture.

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