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For Home & Planet

Our Commitment To Circularity


Flax grown for linen:

  • is easy to grow
  • requires little-to-no chemical inputs or irrigation
  • remediates soil
  • protects waterways
  • easy and beneficial addition to crop rotations
  • can be processed into cloth with zero chemicals

Linen Fabric is:

  • one of the oldest known textiles
  • elegant and incredibly durable
  • proven to slow the growth of bacteria
  • stronger when wet than dry
  • fully compostable

In all aspects of our business

Circularity Continues

Our Practices Include:

  • zero and low waste design
  • re-selling, up-cycling or composting our linen scraps
  • using only compostable paper packaging

The ultimate circular model

Our rentals

  • laundered responsibly
  • sometimes dyed, painted, silkscreened or cut down into new pieces
  • composted

Building a healthy vibrant future with products you'll use and love everyday

Bringing linen Back to Pennsylvania

Our sister organization - PA Flax project

About our fabrics

Our linen source

Since 2014 we have sourced our linen from a small family owned Mill in Lithuania. The flax is sustainably grown in Europe and spun by European companies. It's woven and finished with an eco-friendly enzyme wash at the Mill in Lithuania. We love the mill we get our linen from! We've gone through thick and thin together.

Caring for our textiles

  • wash with the regular laundry
  • cold water
  • no bleach!
  • dry in the dryer or on the line
  • reduce wrinkles by stretching the fabric in all directions

Painted, printed and dyed pieces

We work with amazing artists to breathe new life into our rental linens after they've gone to one too many parties. All of our collaborators share our commitment to honestly sustainable textiles and circularity. We're thrilled to introduce you to them and to offer their work in our store.

New yardage remnants

Our founder creates one of kind piecework textiles with new yardage remnants. Since 2015, she has sourced "off-cuts" from another linen seller. These are brand new pieces of linen rescued from the cutting room floor. Because they're uncommon; practices like this are difficult to implement and relatively expensive. But that's ok with us because they are a critical part of reducing textile waste!


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