reusable linen coffee filter

Make your daily coffee ritual zero waste.

reusable linen coffee filter



Ethically made in Pennsylvania with two layers of 100% organic linen for a delicious smooth brew every time.

How to use: wash or boil before using for the first time. Works in v-60, pour over and/or cone style machine. Cool, empty grounds and rinse, then air dry. To remove built up oils, soak overnight in diluted white vinegar every 3 months. Lasts for at least 450 uses!

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13 reviews for reusable linen coffee filter

  1. Lucca Townsend

    Does what I need it to do!
    This filter works great with my pour over. It holds a little less grounds that the paper one, and drips faster, but I can’t taste the difference (maybe I am not enough of a coffee snob). Definitely worth it to not use paper filters!

  2. Cecelia Hanford

    Makes a super clean brew. Easy to wash.

  3. Patricia Thibeault-Ram

    Linen Coffee Filter
    Love the linen coffee filters I have. Plus my friends love the ones I have given to them. During making butter I have used them to separate the whey from the butter. I would think they would well with any project that involves separating liquids. Thanks so much! Patricia

  4. Joyce L Morse

    Well made reusable coffee filter
    The filter is really well made, has double thickness walls and my coffee tastes even better than when using the paper filters.

  5. Sharon B Askew

    Linen Coffee Filter
    I love this pour over linen filter. I love it even more when it gets stained over time. Not only is it a perfect filter it is beautiful and gets even more beautiful with use. Anyone looking for a gift for that impossible to buy for coffee loving friend, this is it!

  6. Timothy Gierschick II

    Linen coffee filter
    The linen coffee filter was the perfect fit and replacement for the paper filters for our Chemex. It’s both an attractive and ecologically sound product. And it being Philly-made and PA-sourced is just icing on the cake! So happy to have found this company and to support their mission. I would recommend it highly to anyone with a Chemex coffee maker.

  7. Lisa

    Great coffee filter
    I absolutely love my coffee filter. The coffee tastes wonderful and not using paper filters is a definite plus. The only suggestion I have is, can you make a larger filter for a bigger chemex? Absolutely worth the money!!

  8. Sara

    Amazing reusable sustainable coffee filter option!!
    Makes great tasting coffee. Easy to dump grounds in compost bin and rinse filter in sink and hang to dry. Occasionally wash it with laundry. Color is beautiful too and fabric is so soft.

  9. Maggie Jaeger

    Exactly what I was looking for!
    I absolutely love this linen coffee filter! I wanted a reusable product that would truly filter coffee grounds. This product works perfectly! It’s easy to rinse and dries quickly. I could not be happier with this purchase. Thank you!!

  10. Sylvie Harris

    Love this filter!!
    If you’re wondering if you should buy this filter, do it!! I recently bought a Chemex and wanted to avoid the waste of paper filters, and now I love this even more than any disposable filter. The coffee filters smoothly and with just the right amount of strength. It’s also very attractive. I’ve been using this at least once a day for almost two months and there have been absolutely no issues. Thank you for making a wonderful, reusable product!

  11. Megan Oglevie – Farm Ambassador

    Great tasting coffee, sustainably made
    I’m a coffee snob ever since working as a barista at a small, local shop many years ago, where they’d buy green beans & roast them on site. And 30 years later, my palate has grown even pickier. So, along comes a product that is made from linen(!), that I feel *GOOD* about using for my daily dose of caffeinated bliss. Working in sustainability, I’m keyed into products that align with my ethics. Thank you for taking away my guilt for all the paper filters I won’t be using from here on out!

  12. Clara Reeves

    love the linen coffee filter
    I love the idea of never having to buy filters again. this filter is so easy to use, and rinse and hang to dry after using. Also, it is really beautifully made. Some of us are really fabric people….I’m a linen person – a favorite of my fibers.

  13. Joshua Karpen

    I’m obsessed with these coffee filters
    I have two of them now. They make the smoothest coffee ever.

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