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Protect your favorite clothes with our favorite apron!

cross back apron



You’ll wear and love this apron everyday. Elegantly designed to last a lifetime, the full coverage is great in the kitchen, in the garden and even over jeans and a t-shirt for a quick grocery run. We make them with 10 oz per meter linen, heavier than most aprons, so ours are more durable while maintaining a luxurious drape. The open back allows for a generous fit, so one size fits most. If you need a slightly smaller or larger size, please reach out and we’ll make you one for no additional charge.

Easy to care for, simply wash cold, dry on low heat or on the line.
Ethically made in Pennsylvania of 100% organic linen
We’ll get your order to the mail carrier in 3-5 days

beautiful • sustainable • practical

4 reviews for cross back apron

  1. Ricki

    I live in my cross back apron
    Every day when I need to do my domestic work I put on my apron and it is like my armor to take care of the ones I love. I love that it keeps me dry when I am doing the dishes. It is full coverage so I can wipe my hands everywhere when I’m cooking. It takes a beating but still looks perfect after the wash. Love the pockets. Love everything about this apron. A very worthy investment!


    What did I do before this apron?
    I’m closing in on 3 years using this apron daily, and I highly recommend it for: all kitchen tasks (not just cooking); gardening (pockets are great for planting and harvesting); and pet grooming (I bathe, brush and trim our dogs)! It is so well made that after many washings, the only thing that has changed is that the fabric is softer. The large pockets are so strong (I’m careful not to abuse them with anything sharp). Also, this apron is very comfortable. I often forget that I’ve put it on and realize that I’m still wearing it, long after washing dishes or making a big pot of soup. And it’s cute.

  3. Pauline

    Lovely kitchen linens
    I have my favorite apron ever and a tie bag that I use for my bread when it cools from the oven. Both are made from beautiful linen that wears very well and is so attractive. I recommend highly!

  4. Sadie Francis

    I’m on a linen kick and loving all natural fibers now more than ever before. Quality handmade items such as my gorgeous cross backed apron has a different feel – it’s made to last and it just feels, what’s the word – more authentic? My only only one critique for improvement is to make the ties a bit longer for us big girls. I’m not slim. I bake a lot, which is why I needed an apron!

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