Paperless Kitchen Collection

Cross a few disposables off your list forever.

Paperless Kitchen Collection


napkins × 4

Live beautifully with the good napkins everyday!

minimalist w/ red thread detail dinner napkin

small paperless towel × 4

Ditch paper towels forever

single towel

large paperless towel × 2

Ditch paper towels forever.

in stock

reusable linen coffee filter

Make your daily coffee ritual zero waste.

1 in stock

Replace paper towels, paper napkins, and paper coffee filters with elegant eco-friendly linen alternatives.

Collection includes: 
4 minimalist napkins 
3 small and 2 large paperless towels 
1 reusable coffee filter 

Easy to care for, simply wash cold, dry on low heat or on the line. 
Ethically made in Pennsylvania of 100% organic linen
We’ll get your order to the mail carrier in 3-5 days

beautiful • sustainable • practical


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