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$4.75 from the purchase of each produce bag is donated to regenerative farms in Philadelphia.

produce bag



Linen is the best way to keep your veggies fresh longer! Build on the ancient tradition of letting linen’s antibacterial qualities work for you in the kitchen with our elegant reusable produce bags. Easy to use, simply dampen the bag, put your moisture loving produce in and pop it in the fridge. Your greens will stay crisp and alive a week or longer in their new antibacterial, breathable, humid environment. Also great for harvesting delicate herbs on a hot day! Be sure to keep your bag damp to keep it working for you.

Need to keep your mushrooms and root veggies dry? Our linen produce bags are the best for that too! Keep the bags dry for this. In or out of the fridge they wick moisture away keeping all your farmers market bounty as fresh as the day you brought it home.

Envelope produce bags are made to order. Allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery. 

Easy to care for, simply wash cold, dry on low heat or on the line.
Ethically made in Pennsylvania of 100% organic linen
We’ll get your order to the mail carrier in 3-5 days

beautiful • sustainable • practical

11 reviews for produce bag

  1. Derek Allen

    Fabulous products!
    I use these produce bags every day and they are constantly in my fridge. I love them and I will buy more.

  2. Patricia Thibeault-Ram

    Linen Produce Bag
    Wonderful linen bag!!! Love the size and style that it is. Can be used for storing many things not just produce. Thanks, Patricia

  3. Rachel M

    my FAVORITE!
    I love these bags, they are the best when we get our CSA veggies and keep them fresh for a very long time. I up my greens in whole or cut them up and wash them and put them in to keep my produce fresh.

  4. Susan Firestone

    Love my produce bags!
    I’ve found that the produce bags are perfect for storing cut bananas. I cut a banana in half and put the uneaten half in a kitchengardentextiles linen produce bag. Then I forgot about the banana for a week. When I rediscovered it in my fruit and veggie basket, it was still perfectly good and edible.

  5. Patricia Thibeault-Ram

    Linen Produce Bags
    These linen dyed bags are great for storing all sorts of items. Thanks Patricia

  6. Michael Bomze

    Reusable linen produce fridge bags
    Awesome invention, so very practical.. keeps farmers market produce fresh for longer than typical plastic. Best for smaller greens like arugula, but if you cut off the stems you can squeeze a bunch of kale into the bag without a problem. Great, practical purchase.

  7. Jennifer Oprysko

    linen produce bags
    i absolutely adore these linen produce bags- they can handle the heaviest assortment of root veggies and even have the tare weight sewn into the tag for easy use at the store.

  8. Sharon Westburg

    Wonderful products
    Good Morning, I have the linen bags and they keep my vegetables fresh for weeks. You can bring your lettuce home, wash it and put it in the bag. Three weeks later it’s as good as the first day. Did a test for this since I live alone.
    The aprons are so beautiful
    I make bread every week to give away and keep a little for myself using the linen bag
    Highly recommend to all. Thank you, Sharon

  9. Patricia Thibeault-Ram

    Linen bags
    Absolutely love these linen bags. So well made. The design is pretty special too. I use the bags for storage of my homemade breads, herbs & veggies too. Highly recommend these different sizes of linen bags to use for multiple uses. Thanks, Patricia

  10. Brenda Kingham

    All things
    My veggies and herbs stay fresh so much longer and the coffee filter is outstanding, also have one for tea. So easy to infuse my favorite brands with additional fresh herbs. Every thing is superior in construction.

  11. Ricki Weisberg

    Gorgeous and Functional
    The color on this was eye popping gorgeous! I love these bags. They keep my produce fresh for weeks longer than they would in plastic bags. Between uses I pop them in the wash with everything else and they are good as new! Feels good to be saving money and the Earth.

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